Seasonal Flu Vaccination (2020-2021)

Flu vaccines, covered by private insurance for our patient and family members on the same policy (except HMO), are available at all locations.
Please contact our offices at 281-469-2838 for up-to-date information and TVFC (Medicaid) vaccine availability.

Our flu vaccination process is going to look a little different this year, due to COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure patient safety, we have established a dedicated vaccine administration room at all locations.

Families have two options to chose from:
– Via an appointment by calling 281-469-2838
– Walk In/Drive By

If you chose Walk In/Drive By option, please read carefully, as we have different procedures for each location.

Patients can drive by and notify our front office using a RING doorbell, and then drive up to the back of the building to get vaccine administered without leaving the car.

Patients can drive by, give us a call, and wait in the car until called in the assigned room.

Patients can walk in, and our staff members will get families in the room as soon as possible.

REMEMBER: To ensure safety of our patients and staff, masks are required at all times when visiting our facilities.